Battery Discharger & Capacity Tester (AmHTes 4815CT MINI)


Battery Discharger & Capacity Tester (AmHTes 4815CT MINI)


5.7inch LCD Touch Screen: for easy operation and navigation of various parameters

Selection of various Discharge Mode: selection between constant current, power or resistance

Integrated PC Software: to generate reports and capacity evaluations

Support RS232 Real-time Monitoring: via PC or USB to download data after discharge

Multiple Alarms Design: to control the discharge process efficiently

Specially made for 24V and 48V Battery Groups: for battery discharge capacity test

Battery Discharger & Capacity Tester (AmHTes 4815CT MINI)

The battery discharge test is one of the most accurate and reliable method for capacity evaluation of a group of battery / battery bank.Our Battery Discharger & Capacity Tester Model: AmHTes 4815CT MINI is catered specifically for 24V and 48V battery groups.

The 48V battery groups are the most common backup /standby energy option for sectors such as telecommunication, power plant, petroleum company as well as for forklift and golf cart (on a commercial use).

 Generally, a periodic testing is performed every 4 to 5 years on new batteries, every year on aged batteries, or as and when needed in accordance with the load current in use (e.g., 5A, 10A, etc.) This is because a constant current discharge can stimulate the proper working status of the battery. The power supply department or utility company should keep the periodic discharge testing as part of their maintenance schedule.

Our Battery Discharger & Capacity Tester (Model: Amhtes-4815CT Mini)  can support in the following range: - 


Battery Nominal Voltage

Max Discharge Current

48 V

150 A

24 V

75 A


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