Our Service

We understand that even the shortest interruption of mains power supply can be disastrous to lives, loss of investments and computer data or even be the cause of fire in buildings and industrial plants. Nimac provides the solution through our “A Secured Back-up Power Systems.”

Our service team are experienced in the field of servicing, designing, and trouble-shooting of AC and DC standby power systems.
Every Nimac system is custom-made, designed and manufactured to customers' specific requirements and needs. We service all aspects of AC and DC power systems in these areas:-

• power stations - gas turbines, hydro-electric or coal fired generators
• power transmission and distribution substations
• clean water and sewage water treatment plants
• telecommunication stations
• transportation, monorail, LRT, MRT, railway
• Oil and gas industries
• petrochemical and industrial plants
• buildings - airports, high rise complexes and hospital
• computer data centres of banking and financial institutions
Our services extends beyond installation of AC and DC power systems.

We will assist you in selecting suitable & reliable type of backup power system (UPS or DC Charger System with Battery Banks).

Each piece of our equipment is customised to your specification & requirement.
Timely Delivery

We understand that ''time is of the essence''. We deliver our work on schedule. Customer satisfaction is our business priority, giving you functional and long-lasting solutions within your allocated budget, within the promised time frame.

Nimac offers training on the basic usage and functions of the backup power related subjects, DC power hazard awareness, inspection, testing or emergency / contingency back-up.

Our manufacturing expertise bridges both AC and DC power technologies that are reflected in our extensive range of products like UPS and inverters, rectifiers and chargers. The rectifiers /battery charges produced by our factory range from 24V 3A for fire alarm or PA systems to 220V 1000A for power station turbine control systems.  In addition, we also assemble UPS and inverters of various ratings and options.

All test instruments are calibrated annually to ensure accuracy and consistent service quality.

Our products are distributed locally and regionally such as to Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Cambodia, Philippines, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Mauritius, UAE countries and many more.

Nimac offers complete support throughout the whole project. This includes the preparation of specifications, designing, manufacturing, installation, testing, technical support, commissioning and the ever important after sales service and maintenance.

All our field technicians are well-trained and possess the experience in the proper installation, de-commissioning, relocation or maintenance services of the equipment.

Our priority on customer satisfaction and their support warrants that we place emphasis on equipment training and clients' familiarity with the products. Equipment spare parts are readily available at our Kuala Lumpur warehouse.

Our professionalism is your assurance.

Nimac consults with clients and their engineers or consultants to provide them with a reliable backup power system that offers the best value for all project. We work closely with the relevant parties involved for the most suitable back-up power systems for different specifications, provisions and comliances to ensure reliability, maintainability besides timely completion of each and every project.