About Us

Greetings from all of us
Nimac Power Systems (M) Sdn Bhd – providing you back-up power solutions and values through innovation and quality service.

Nimac Power Systems is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company that specializes in ''station DC and static AC standby (backup) power supply systems''.

The philosophy that forms the pillars of Nimac Power Systems is being In Step and In Touch with the various aspects of our work such as protection & control and power back-up of industrial electrical equipment, where Nimac Power has extensive experience in the field of dimensioning, sizing, engineering, contracting assembly, manufacturing, and after-sale services.

It is managed by a team of professionals who are experienced and committed to creating reliable products and services that stretch beyond DC and AC power systems. We do not start nor stop at making a sale. We make sure that we are within reach for our customers as we are passionate to be the living partner of our customers.

Nimac Power was awarded with the Malaysia Power Brand 2011 in the category of ''Station DC & AC Standby Power Supply System'' for Outstanding Achievement Of Best Quality Products & Services.

Nimac allows you to fix tomorrow's problems today, via providing you a seamless backup power system.


Nimac Power Systems (M) Sdn Bhd was established in 1997.

We are progressively aiming to develop into one of the fastest-growing providers of standby backup AC and DC Power systems company in the country. Since our inception, Nimac has been growing with the corporate practice of “Listening To Customers”. It is a principle and value that we hold dear in all our business dealings and expansion plans. We strive to minimize the down time of our product systems, namely the AC/DC Converters and UPS Systems so that we are able to meet the increasing and continuing needs of the business by complying to the customer's specifications and their needs. This is achieved through continuous improvement of our quality management systems.
Our Design

Our extensive design and installation services extend to projects across the entire commercial and industrial spectrum. We ensure that all systems are appropriately commissioned with meticulous and thorough start-up protocols so that efficiency is achieved immediately after the completion of the construction phase. Our service and maintenance team is then available to ensure that the right preventative maintenance programmes are put in place to make certain that the systems operate efficiently and its life cycle expectency is achieved.

Nimac Power conducts its business activities guided by our core beliefs and values to make us a recognized, dependable, and trustworthy entity in the business market. We wish to design, install, service and maintain reliable AC and DC power systems that are cost-effective and customized to your requirement.

Our Vision

Our VISION is to be a recognized brand name that is synonymous with top performance in the supply, installation, and commissioning of AC and DC power systems – being more creative, understanding and customer-focused.