Lead Acid Plante Battery (Type GRoE)


Lead Acid Plante Battery (Type GRoE)

Category: Lead Acid Battery

Brand: FIAMM

Lead Acid Plante Battery
(Type GRoE)

The GroE Range High Performance Plante cells are designed to give long, trouble-free service with a life expectancy of up to 25 years on float or tickle charge for standby application. These cells comply with BS 6290, DIN 40738 and IEC/EN 896 standard.

The GroE Range High Performance Plante cells are particularly suitable for stand-by power in data processing systems, Switch and Circuit Breaker Tripping, Gas Tur­bine Starting operations, etc.

Technical Features: 

  • Positive plates are Plante type, cast from pure lead to ensure there is no fall-off in capacity throughout their long life expectency.

  • Negative plates are of rugged pasted grid construction with a service life compatible with the positive plates.

  • Separators are microporous, giving maximum electrolyte utilization.

  • Cell containers are moulded from high quality transparent S.A.N (styrene acryilonitrile) giving max transparency together with very high insulating properties.

  • Cell lids are moulded from plastic material and they are glued to the cell containers in an electrolyte-proof manner.

  • Vent plugs effectively prevent acid spray from the cell when ''grassing'' during boost charge. They are provided with explosion preventing device.

  • Cell pillars and connectors: intercell connectors are of lead plated copper in order to keep electrical resistance as low as possible.

  • Electrolyte: it consists of diluted sulphuric acid with a specific gravity of 1.22 ±0.01 Kg/dm3 at 20'C.

You may refer to the brochure below to find out more on the features and information of our Lead Acid Type GroE Series Battery.

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