Microprocessor Controlled Charger
Microprocessor Controlled Charger


Microprocessor Controlled Charger


Wide Input Range: single or three Phase ranging from 24V to 220V

Constant Voltage Current Limiting Feature: protection against overcharging of batteries

Local and Remote Monitoring System: via communication port RS 232 / RS 485

Compliance to various IEC Standards: (kindly refer to the list in our brochure)

Wide Output Range: ranging from 12V to 220V DC

Microprocessor-controlled Rectifier / Battery Charger

NIMAC Microprocessor-controlled Rectifier / Battery Charger consists of input isolating transformer, fully controlled thyristor set, filtering circuit, control and monitoring unit which can supply power to batteries and loads simultaneously. The system output characteristic provides a current limiting and constant voltage charging curve to eliminate the possibility of overcharging of the battery connect in parallel with the system even with incoming variation.



  • Network communication between equipment locally

  • Remote control and monitoring via local area network (TCP/IP)

  • Met various IEC Standards

Single Phase Microprocessor Charger

Three-phase Microprocessor Charger

You may refer to the brochure below to find out more on the features and specifications of our Microprocessor-controlled Charger.


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