NICA Nickel Cadmium Battery
NICA Nickel Cadmium Battery
NICA Nickel Cadmium Battery


NICA Nickel Cadmium Battery


Low Discharge Series: NBLE Series [7.5Ah - 1690Ah]
Suitable for long hours backup

Medium Discharge Series: NBM Series [11Ah - 1445Ah] Suitable for mixed load (of low and high discharge rate)

High Discharge Series: NBH Series [8.3Ah - 920Ah]
Suitable for engine cranking

Each Cell's Voltage is 1.2V: refer to catalogue below for dimension of cells/blocks

Low & Easy Maintenance: visible electrolyte level

Proven reliability: 20+ years service life at +25C


Manufactured by SAFT, Sweden, NICA Nickel Cadmium Battery has been a trusted battery brand for the world’s leading industrial players for over 100 years.

NICA Nickel Cadmium Batteries are designed to meet the reliability, safety and security challenges of today’s industrial landscape where they provide power back-up, starting power and bulk energy storage.

NICA’s commitment to Research and Development and innovative engineering ensures that the Nickel-Cadmium batteries offer the very latest in design, quality and industrial process technology. They also come with comprehensive through-life global service support, from initial consultancy to volume delivery, including training, maintenance and expert technical back-up.

NICA has developed the NBLE, NBM and NBH ranges of block batteries to offer the optimum, flexible solution for all stationary applications. The choice of low, medium and high capacity types makes it easy to select the ideal battery, based on required discharge time and end of discharge voltage.

Thanks to the robust and reliable Nica pocket plate technology they resist electrical abuse, shock and vibrations. Furthermore, a generous reserves for electrolyte means that the block batteries need only basic maintenance, while operating across a wide range of fluctuating temperatures. This ensures an optimized Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) over a life cycle that can last 20 years or more.

NICA Nickel Cadmium Battery is the solution that delivers secured energy for stationary applications.


NBLE Series - ranging from 7.5Ah to1690Ah
(low discharge over long period between 1 and 100 hours)
~Suitable for long duration general backup

*You may refer to the catalogue below for full range of NBLE Series*


NBM Series - ranging from 11Ah to 1445Ah
(varied loads with low and high discharge rates between 30minutes and 3 hours)
~suitable for a mixed loads of general backup and of genset/ engine crancking purpose

*You may refer to the catalogue below for full range of NBM Series*

NBH series - ranging from 8.3Ah to 920Ah
(for high discharge rate over short periods less than 30minutes)

~suitable for genset / of engine crancking purpose

*You may refer to the catalogue below for full range of NBH Series*

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