Power Inverter (1kVA-3kVA)


Power Inverter (1kVA-3kVA)


Reversed Polarity Protection: via Advanced Polarity Check (APC)

Selection of Input DC Voltage: for alarms and/or tripping

Adjustable Output Voltage: depending on loadings

Ground Fault Alarm: safety feature

Event Log: (optional)

LIV Power Inverter Series (1kVA - 3kVA)

The LIV Power Inverter series is designed with a microprocessor. It allows you to configure the main parameters easily through the keypad and LCD display on the front panel.

In addition, the built-in Advance Polarity Check (“APC”) technology replaces the older model of fuse and diode, which protects against reversed polarity.

Its 2U rack mount is suitable for fitting in narrow space and the LIV Power Inverter series is ideal for handling sensitive loads for telecommunications and network-field applications.


  • Reversed Polarity Protection

  • Adjustable DC voltage input

  • Adjustable voltage output

  • Ground fault alarm

  • Event log (optional)

  • Built-in transfer switch

  • Controllable fan speed

  • Auto output frequency sensor


You may refer to the brochure below to find out more on the specifications of our LIV Power Inverter Series.

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