Low Frequency Online UPS (LTH series)


Low Frequency Online UPS (LTH series)


Event Log: record up to 400 entries of the UPS abnormal activities

Low Frequency Type UPS: can operate under harsh condition

Built-in Maintenance Bypass Switch: to allow uninterrupted power output during maintenance

Three phase UPS with Inverter: to support 100% uneven load

Independent Start Up Function: (in case the batteries are damaged)

Multiple Communication Ports: built-in RS232 & RS485 enables remote monitoring

Low Frequency Online UPS (10kVA-160kVA)
LTH Series UPS

The LTH Series UPS is an industrial online UPS which provides reliable and stable pure sine wave output power to your critical loads supported by the advanced technology of Rectifier, IGBT, PWM and CPU control.

Besides, the LTH Series UPS incorporates the true galvanic isolation design to reduces the impact from the utilization of AC Power such as noise, lighting, current leakage.

Furthermore, the LTH Series UPS has an individual inverter on each phase which can endure 100% of the unbalance load.

With its outstanding features, the LTH Series UPS provides safe, reliable and uninterrupted power to your equipment at all times.

The LTH Series 3-phase UPS supports a higher capacity than the LUV Series UPS with 1-phase output.


  • True galvanic isolation design

  • Inverter within each phase

  • Independent / DC start up function

  • Phase shift protection

  • Intelligent battery charger

  • Optional 12 pulse rectifier

You may refer to the brochure below to find out more on the features and specifications of our LTH Series UPS.

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