Lead Acid Tubular Battery


Lead Acid Tubular Battery

Lead Acid Tubular Battery
(OPzS Series);
(OPzV Series)

The Lead Acid OPzS stationary blocks and cells are produced with the conventional lead acid tubular technology. The individual cells 2V, 4V or 6V blocks are in transparent Styrene Acrylonitrile Resin (''SAN'') type of plastics containers made of SAN material which is extra ordinary resistant to chemical influences and mechanical damage. 

The stationary batteries type OPzS are manufactured according to the DIN 40736, EN 60896 and IEC 896-1. It is recommended that the OPzS batteries are installed in the systems where they are continous float with occasional discharges and an operating temperature of 20C a service of life 15 years can be reach.
The battery can be float-charged with voltage of 2.23 to 2.25V per cell, or in case of rapid charging after discharge, with voltage of 2.35 to 2.40V/cell.
At normal operation, only distilled or de-ionized water to be added once every 10-12 months. If necessary the surface of the cells has to be cleaned. All stated voltage values are suitable for the temperature range from 15 to 25C.


OPzS Batteries are suitable for uses in telecommunication facilities, computers, emergency lighting, monitoring systems in the power plants, distribution station, railway stations, airports and etc.

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