Lead Acid Battery, industrial battery

NIMAC Seal Lead Acid Battery
Valve Regulated Lead Acid (''VRLA'') Battery

The NIMAC sealed lead-acid rechargeable battery [also known as Valve Regulated Lead Acid (''VRLA'') battery] is leak-proof and maintenance free. The superiority of VRLA battery is derived from its uniquely efficient oxygen recombination technology.

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Lead Acid Tubular Battery
(OPzS Series);
(OPzV Series)

The Lead Acid OPzS stationary blocks and cells are produced with the conventional lead acid tubular technology.

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Lead Acid Plante Battery
(Type GRoE)

The GroE Range High Performance Plante cells are designed to give long, trouble-free service with a life expectancy of up to 25 years on float or tickle charge for standby application. These cells comply with BS 6290, DIN 40738 and IEC/EN 896 standard.

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